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A necklace plays a crucial role in emphasizing one look. There are varieties of necklace designs that a user can choose. You can select from pendants to chains to lockets and gemstones that come with unique designs and sizes. They do not only focus on emphasizing your beauty but also speak about your personality. It also communicates significantly and presents identity, religious beliefs, and culture.

Necklaces have a very long and fascinating history. They own one of the earliest types of jewelry worn by human beings. The ancient Greeks made gold necklaces that are ornamented with animals shapes. Moreover, early cultures made simple necklaces from bone beads, teeth, or shells. In ancient Egypt, the upper class wore collars ornamented with glass and pottery beads. They also wore long gold chain necklaces with cameos.

In middle age, necklace plays to be more focused on being a material in culture. It became the primary jewelry to wear. It comes with unique and special pendants, gemstones, and heavy gold chains.

Today, necklaces show and symbolize one’s wealth, personal taste, devotion, and fashion sense. There are plenty of necklace styles and types you can choose from. They are now designed to be both trendy and fashionable while meeting the customer’s budget.

Necklaces design that you should know

Chain Necklace

A chain necklace is usually made from either gold or silver. Chain necklaces are usually worn with a pendant. If the chain has detail or is chunky, it looks pretty worn alone. Thin styles are commonly short, and longer chains will be thicker and more visible.

Collar Necklace

This necklace is designed to fits closely at your neck. Sometimes it is open at the back. Fit is vital with a collar necklace. If one style doesn’t sit just right on you, try several different ones to find the perfect collar.

Long Necklace

Long necklaces are 24 inches long, so it is easy to wear. Some of these necklaces have adjustments and features that allow you to wear them at different lengths. A longer necklace can give your figure an equally long, flattering look. A longer necklace can give your figure an equally long, flattering look.

Lariat Necklace

A lariat necklace is a very long look similar to a rope that is sometimes tied at the front. It can be worn draped around the neck multiple times, and the ends can be looped or knotted.

Long and Short pendant necklace

You can style your look by wearing a long-chained necklace with a short pendant. You can wear a shorter diamond pendant at your throat, and a pendant worn very long will be more of a fashion piece.

Locket Necklace

Locket necklaces hold mementos such as little pictures or portraits. They sometimes have sentimental value to their wearer. They are only small pendants that are worn as sentimental pieces. Silver heart locket necklace is best to pair in casual occasions and events.

Religious Necklace

Religious pendants have devotional, ornamental, and protective meanings. They are commonly worn on a short chain to rest on your skin. Like lockets, they can be worn clustered with other pieces for more of a fashion vibe.

Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces are fun and can be coordinated with your dress or top. It can be a way of your expression and personality. Many users are fond of wearing statement earrings because they look best to it. 

What is the meaning of heart in jewelry?

heart necklace

To understand the symbolism of the heart necklace and other jewelry, you need to understand the history of hearts. 

In Medieval Europe, the heart was considered the place where love lived. It could be love for the divine or love for someone else. Either way, as the concept of romantic love, evolved, heart-shaped jewelry necklaces became one of its symbols. 

When you give the person, you love a heart-inspired piece of jewelry. You are giving them a bit of your heart with it. When they wear it, it symbolizes the love a person has for you. 

When should not wear a heart pendant?

Do not wear your heart pendant at work.

Heart jewelry symbolizes love and romance. When you wear a heart pendant or necklace to work, this is how people will generally see you. So, save your heart pendants for casual outings that are not related to work. It is best when you are going on a date for casual parties. 

Be mindful of your style and your clothing.

The color and the style of your clothes affect your overall look. Try not to wear a heart necklace or jewelry when you are wearing frilly dresses, rompers, or crop tops.

Also, you must try to avoid wearing pink, sky blue hues. If you wish to wear a pattern, avoid wearing floral or graphic designs.

A silver heart necklace can make you charming and beautiful. It can emphasize your look or communicates with the people around you. There are a lot of chooses you can see and buy in the market like having a simple silver heart pendant necklace. So if you need more guidance and information in picking the best and matching pendant and chain, we encourage you you do some more reading. 

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